Ports Authority Tonga

logo-tonga-portsBoard of Directors

Dr. Sione Ngongo Kioa    
Position Chairperson  
Mr. Viliami Jr Takau    
Position Board Member  
Dr. Sitiveni Halapua    
Position Board Member  
Mr. Fine Tohi    
Position Board Member  
Mr. John Havea    
Position Board Member  

Ports Authority Tonga is part of the Transport group of SOEs and its board is shared with Friendly Islands Shipping Services and Tonga Airports Limited.


Ports Authority Tonga (PAT) was established under the Ports Authority Act 1998. Its main objectives are set out in Section 10 “to promote, encourage and assist in the development of commercially viable and efficient ports in Tonga”.

PAT has historically been responsible for the Nuku’alofa port, but in 2014 Cabinet determined that PAT should also be responsible for the ports on the outer islands of Ha’apai, Eua and Vava’u. Total cargo throughput in 2015 was 290,532 cargo Tonnes. Container throughput was 17,621 TEUs for the same period.

The SOE is engaged in a significant redevelopment of the Vuna wharf which is being financed through a T$32.5 million loan from the Government of China.

The SOE has paid dividends since 2010. The 2015 dividend of T$1 million represents a 253% increase in dividend payments in the 5 years since 2010.


“Enhancing the long-term value of the Ports Authority Tonga and ensuring its sustainability. We will make an appropriate profit; and we are here for the long-term”.

Financial Highlights

PAT Ports Authority Tonga
Financial Highlights (T$’000) 2014 2015 2016 5-yr Average
Revenue 8,184 9,145 10,295 7,875
Net Profit After Tax 1,185 1,971 2,157 1190
CSO payments 0 0 0 0
Total Assets 22,785 23,703 24.474 22,364
Total Liabilities 5,776 5,708 5,400 5,502
Shareholders’ Funds 17,009 17,995 19,073 16,862
ROE % 7.0% 11.0% 11.31% 7.0%
ROA % 5.0% 8.0% 8.81% 5.3%
Asset Utilization 36% 39% 35%
Cash / Current liabilities 1.266 1.103 1.142

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